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Nanny Placement Registration and Fees

At The Baby-Sitters Club RVA, we take the time to get to know your family and your family dynamic to ensure that we place you with the right nanny, whether full-time or part-time. We will review your requirements and compare them with the personal qualities that you need with a nanny. As a part of our services we will provide you with the support needed to establish client-nanny agreements, identify the right nanny for you based on your needs, etc. We will do the due diligence and complete an extensive background check to ensure the safety your child.

There is a one-time registration fee of $99 that is required in order to begin the search. Our fee details are listed below. The registration fee is non-refundable. The registration fee will be credited toward the placement fee once nanny-client agreement has been established.

Mother and a Child

Part-time Nanny

Mom and a Child

Full-time Nanny

Part-time Nanny Placement Rates

Standard: More than 10 hours per week

$900 placement fee

Client will pay nanny (negotiated directly with the nanny) directly once nanny-client agreement has been established. There is a 30-day guarantee on part-time nanny placements.

Full-time Nanny Placement Rates

Hours: More than 35 hours per week

$1,500 placement fee

Client will pay nanny directly (negotiated directly with the nanny) once nanny-client agreement has been established.The client will have a 30-day guarantee on full-time nanny placements. If the nanny agreement is terminated after 30-days of establishing the agreement, the placement fee will be due for future placements.

As a part of our commitment to you, we will ensure the following: 

30 day Replacement Period

A working interview for you to see the nanny interact with your child firsthand.

Extensive screening process to include:

•Interviews (phone pre-screen and in person)

• Reference checks

• Former employment verification

• County and statewide criminal search

• DMV driving record check

• Multi-state sexual offender database check

• Infant/Child CPR and first aid training/


• BSCRVA Specialists training

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