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Date-Night Sitter

Kids Playing Tug of War

Group Babysitting

Kindergarten Guide

Mother's Helper

Sleeping Like a Baby

Overnight Caregiver

The Most Qualified Care

Standard Babysitting Rates

$20/ hr for up to 2 children

$22/ hr for up to 4 children.

5 or more children, see group babysitting rates.

Attentive Care

Price doubles (standard babysitting rate) for 5 or more

** Exemptions: Only one sitter required for a party of 5 if all children are above the age of 8 years old. In such circumstances, the solo sitter fee is $25/ hr.

We’ve Got You Covered

$20/ hour

** Rate applied for the presence of a parent in the home with the sitter. 

Party helper: $25/ hour

Your Children in Capable Hands

Need to travel out of town or overnight?

Call to inquire about extended overnight care rates for up to 4 children.

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